Susan René Butler

Susan is a painter well known for her brightly colored watercolor florals, but she also interprets the landscape, still life and interiors in oil and acrylic.  She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University and has studied painting since 1996 with nationally known painters such as Ross Merrill (deceased) former Chief of Conservation, the National Gallery and many other nationally known artists from the Art League (Alexandria, VA) and across the country

I suffer from a deep longing to be somewhere else…

2-sunflower-wcSunflowers are mostly yellow/orange, but this one that I discovered in San Diego, California was brilliantly red, so I could not pass up the opportunity to paint it. Most of my work is done in places far from home…thus I identified with an short story writer I read today who said the employees in the dismal place he worked “suffered from a deep longing to be somewhere else.” That’s the great thing about being an artist, you can always transport yourself wherever you want to be.

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